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In the beginning, if you add elements like mortgage insurance, fields, such as a local roofing business along with other repairs and this figure increases up to 20% of entire economy. And this ranking is so significant because of the material cost and net profits are high compared to other industries in the marketplace.

This number can be even larger if cleaning services are included. It’s hard to determine the potential for the real housing market in the current stage. The potential for this could go up to 25% if you combine all of these factors.

2. Business services – A Large Market

Professional and business-related services are next in terms of percentage of GDP to real estate. It accounts for about 12% of the economy. How much is this industry worth in dollars? The estimated value is $2,098.3 billion. However, it is dependent on the time of year as well as other factors.

The industry includes computer-related design, scientific services, technical repair (like the use of Diesel engines or a car repair mechanic) along with many more. The vastness of this business is one of the major reasons of why it is so profitable and vital to the American industry.

The legal aspects of this area include dealing with workers’ compensation lawyers as well as bankruptcy attorneys when companies are in trouble. And depending on how you define the professional business world, these numbers could increase in certain fields.

3. 3.

This list is likely to be one of the most surprising of our lists. Did you know the amount of cash is deposited in both state and local government? In averaging each city, state and nation (even the smallest village) that’s around 9.1 percent of our economic activity or $1,538.7 billion.

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