Whats it Like to Be an Industrial Welder? –

It’s crucial for the building of commercial and infrastructure all over the world. This type of person builds large machines to perform leg work in the construction of cranes, for example vessels. In the video below, you can learn about what a ship is weld and shows you what it appears like.

The video features the work of an apprentice welding. He is employed at a major shipbuilding yard located in British Columbia. The yard is responsible for the construction of large ships, including a large research vessel, as shown in this clip.

The trainee realized he wanted to work as a welder stage work at a young age. The apprentice felt like an expert with the welding torch and chose to go to college to get a qualification. The institution then set him up for a four-year apprenticeship.

He works with a journeyman welding expert to inspect his work and ensure the apprentice has everything they require to be successful. The experts will help the trainee get his work to the next level.

Welders might make use of the knowledge and position gained to progress to various other jobs in the yard. They may become engineers, managers, planners as well as human resources reps.

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