What to Look for When Buying a Used Shipping Container – The Buy Me Blog


You can be sure to be provided with equipment that is worn due to shipping. Certain containers will suffer damage in transport. There may be dents or scratches as well as chips in the paint. Containers are 10-12 years old, with associated wear and tear. Additionally, you can expect that the container has been patched since they work with CORTEN anti-corrosive stainless steel that appeals to those who are fascinated by the industrial design. With containers that have been on the ocean, they will typically be coated to prevent corrosion, however it’s not required.

There are some exterior features which are intended to ease the operation of a cargo container since the containers designed for carrying cargo can be thrown around. The door seals have to be in good shape so that the container is weatherproof and waterproof. As they’ve been utilized for many years door seals, they may not always be able to open.

The inside of the container must be darkened with no light as well as no light needs to pass through seams or roof lines. The interior should be minimalist and non-painted gray steel. In the interior, there should not be corrosion. Making a house out of an empty container starts here!


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