What Does a Solar Service Technician Do? – Discovery Videos

expanding industries in the present, and hundreds of thousands of people employed.
Solar service technicians are the core of the industry. They are responsible for a variety of tasks to guarantee that business, homes and even industries are powered by an energy source that is reliable. What exactly does the work of a solar technician include?
They are accountable in the maintenance, installation and repairs on solar panels. They have the training to operate solar energy equipment to perform different tasks.
The solar service technicians clean solar panels, which helps maximize sunlight exposure. In the event of problems with the photovoltaic systems, they are also handled by the technicians.
California’s solar industry employs over 47,000 individuals and includes 1,600 businesses. The number indicates a growing requirement for employees in this sector. Candidates who want to get into this profession require fundamental instruction, certification, as well as fundamental skills like organization, sense of urgency, as well as a sense of pace.
The salary for a solar technician ranges from $16 to $26 per hour, based on the expertise. uuzzz1mycb.

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