Understanding the Basics of Business Law – Law Terminology


There are differences among the different types of responsibility are given to different types of people at the both the federal and state levels.

In particular, you’ll observe that businesses generally follow more strict rules for shareholder meetings, whereas Limited Liability Companies may be accountable for debts of their shareholders. In some states, states can also demand the registration of different forms of company. The fees typically apply to professional professionals like attorneys and accountants.

Employment Law

After you’ve established your firm, you’ll be required to begin hiring employees. The company must comply with the different labor laws. This is essential for its function as well as the role of the law within business. The laws in place protect workers’ rights and guarantee legal employment. The laws will ensure that you don’t breach the rights of employees and protect them from any Federal protections. This includes protection from discrimination, harassment, workers’ compensation, wrongful termination and harassment.

Did you know that minimum wage employees have to be compensated? Employers can’t pay less than the minimum unless they are exempted by the law. For instance, the laws are not applicable to salaried executive, interns, or consultants. If employees work over 40 hours per week, overtime rules should be followed.

Intellectual Property

If it concerns the rights to intellectual property, businesses needs to protect its assets. That includes things like trademarks, which help to identify an organization’s products and services. Intellectual rights also include patents which protect new products and processes. Copyrights also are granted to businesses for their website designs and computer code. The trade secrets of a company and other sensitive information , such as instructions manuals or lists of customers are also protected. When it comes to the protection of intellectual rights this is the most critical area.


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