This Common Mistake Could Ruin Your Drain – Las Vegas Home

Though unclogging the drain could seem easy at first but it could be a challenge in the future. It isn’t, however, that many make costly errors while trying to get rid of their drain. It could be you. This video will teach you how plumbers remove drains.

A lot of people visit their local store and pick up various drain clearing products. There is no doubt that these products work. However, there’s more in the whole story. The chemicals are harsh on drains. They can even damage the piping with time. Due to their acidic properties, these chemicals can actually eat away at the piping itself. This could lead leaks and subsequent repairs that can be longer and more expensive.

There is an easy way to make your own solution without resorting to the chemicals. Mix baking soda and vinegar at a 2:1 ratio. For those who are familiar with baking soda eruptions, this should be easy. The mixture causes reactions that bubble and produce a fizzing sound in your drain. You should see it gone in a flash.


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