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So, you think that you know all that there is to know about Rochester NY pizza? Well, unless you’re a trivia buff, that’s highly unlikely. This is because there are a lot of little trivial facts behind this great, mouth watering pizza.

For instance, did you know:
1. Gennaro Lombardi opened the very first Rochester NY pizza establishment in 1895. This sparked a craze for pizza that’s since gone on to become a characteristic flavor of the city. However, it wasn’t until 1905 that the United States recognized the establishment of its very first pizza restaurant, which just happened to be in New York’s Little Italy.
2. In the early 1900s the very first New York style pizza originated in New York City.
3. New York style pizza is different from other types of pizza because it has a large, wide, thin, crispy shape that can still be folded.
4. Sometimes New York style pizza is confused with New Haven style pizza. This is because New Haven style pizza also has a thin crust.
5. While New York style pizza may have originated as Rochester NY pizza it can now be found throughout many states in the United States today. Typically, it is sold both by the slice and as a whole pie.
6. Over the course of many years, regional variations of the New York style pizza have come into existence. As such, if you want to taste nothing but the very original New York style pizza, you’re going to have to go to New York City where tradition still stands and variations have not changed this pizza from what it was originally meant to be.

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