So Much Pizza, So Little Stomach

Rochester ny pizza blog

When you are visiting Rochester pizza places will be jumping out at you from every corner. By reading though a Rochester NY pizza blog people in Rochester can figure out which pizza places have the best slices, the best breakfast pizza, or the best chicken wings.

If you are living in the heart of Rochester, Cams Pizza is a great idea. There is one on East Ave and when you are in Rochester pizza places like this will be calling your name. After hitting one of the many bars on East Ave, Cams Pizza is definitely a popular place to rid yourself of the munchies.

When you are living in Rochester pizza blogs will be readily available since there are so many options for pizza. There are a few local chains that have become very popular over the years, too. Pontillos is a Rochester pizza staple with locations in the city and in the surrounding suburbs.

If you are wandering around Park Ave on a sunny afternoon, stop in to Checkers Pizza. It is very popular and it has been around for a long time. Rochester pizza blogs might even recommend going there.

Another chain that has been around for awhile and has grown in popularity is Marks Pizzeria. They have slightly more expensive pizza but a lot of people say that it is worth it. They are also very popular because of their chicken wings. Usually Rochester pizza places serve a dozen wings, but at Marks customers get ten really fat, meaty wings.

If you are looking to go to a chain pizza place, you might end up saving money but you will most likely sacrifice taste. If you go down south, you will not find pizza places like you find in Rochester. The water in the south is harder and it makes the dough a different texture and the pizza does not come out the same. If you go to the chain pizza places in the south you will realize that they get their dough shipped in. They are missing out on the pizzerias in Rochester.

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