Simple Ways to Take Better Care of Your Teeth – Teeth Video


The sweet, sticky candy gets in your teeth and stay longer, creating decay. Additionally eating fruits and vegetables is “cleaner” foods for your teeth. It is a good idea to chew your apples and carrots can keep your teeth in good shape. Limit your intake of drinks that are sweet as well as drink more water , which helps wash off the germs that can cause tooth decay.
5. Carefully Brush
Your teeth are the most important factor to consider for your health. You should brush your teeth two times a day and for thirty seconds. Make sure you clean every surface of your mouth. Ensure you use the right toothbrush! Choose a brush with soft bristles , and that fits into the mouth.
6. Only Bite Food
Do not be enticed to apply your strength bite to aid your efforts when you are having trouble with a difficult container, trying to break open pistachio, or struggling with an unresponsive bottle’s top. Resist! Avoid eating plastic wrappers or ice. The damage could be irreparable and cause tooth decay. You should invest in some nutcrackers, and a pair of scissors or any other suitable tools that were made to do the job. Give your teeth a gentle touch by letting them carry out the work of eating food.
7. Clean Your Tongue
Don’t forget your tongue as bacteria can be found in more than just your teeth. The accumulation of debris can be seen on your tongue, leading to discoloration of your tongue and bad breath. There are two primary methods for cleaning your tongue, scraping and brushing. The first step is to start at the base of the tongue and clean your tongue. Be sure to clean your entire tongue. Cleanse it off using water.
8. Floss Daily
Flossing is a great way to prevent the decaying of teeth as well as ensure the condition of the gums. It’s essential to properly floss. Make sure that your floss is in a position to hug your tongue gently and glides through the gums. Make sure to floss the back of your mouth every day.

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