Restoring Dull Pavers – DwellingSales

Eo shows how you can get dull pavers to look fresh with a specific color-changing method.

Pavers on your driveway are continually exposed to sun’s UV rays. Coupled with the wear and tear caused by moving over and driving on the pavers, along with the branches and debris that fall on them, the result could be worn-out and dirty pavers which are not what they were when you had them installed.

This is a common issue which can be addressed quickly and efficiently by using paver dye. This is an entirely different procedure unlike staining since the color makes existing colors sparkle and shine, instead of making them appear dull by covering them with fresh stain.

Dyeing may be a better option over reapplying clear sealer. If you have dull pavers, clear sealer can be costly and time-consuming waste. It is for protection only and does nothing for the appearance of pavers.

For your pavers to appear like new, coloring them is the way to take. This will bring out the original color of pavers and could be combined with sealing application to increase their longevity. To learn more go in the video.


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