Rescuing a Worker From an Ariel Lift – Work Flow Management

When you are working with large machinery regularly and it’s important to know all the protocols in order to stay safe and also what you should do in case of incident. For those who work with an aerial lift aren’t different. In this video, you will learn what happens in the instance that someone is struggling with a lift.

There are instances when an aerial lift won’t lower. This may be because of a number of physical and electrical causes. When this occurs the worker could use the SRK-11 for lowering out of the lifting. Self-rescue is attached to the bucket as well as the user as a total body harness. The SRK-11 will allow the user use both hands at the same time as they drop off the bucket.

The SRK-11 will not move until an operator is in control of the line. When someone lets off the control, the SRK-11 will cease to move. It can be altered according to the individual’s needs. The rope links are able to go from 20 feet all the in to 600 feet. Furthermore, in the event that the user were to fall off the lift’s air then it would grab the person in the lift and absorb any shock of a sudden fall.


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