Red Flags when it Comes to Doctors – Balanced Living Magazine


The rigorous training that doctors undergo usually ensures that doctors are experienced and knowledgeable, however, in certain instances the assumption is proven wrong. We often hear newspaper stories of doctors’ negligence. How do we determine what to look for in a doctor? What factors influence the selection of doctors? It’s not an easy process. When you are entrusting your health to someone, it’s important to research and conduct your own due diligence. This video outlines red flags you should be looking out for when you are thinking about nursing homes. Nursing homes is another type of care that is available to handicapped and elderly patients.

When you’re looking to find a physician or nurse practitioner, it’s a great idea to check their qualifications, and inquire about their previous experience. If they are earnest and passionate, then this inquiry will not be a cause for alarm. When looking for a family practice, ask what the doctor’s special training is in dealing with people of all ages. Keep a lookout for good attitude and a warm ambience. This is an indication of a warm and reliable health professional.


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