Planning a Trip to Europe? Be Prepared for the Differences Between European and American Plumbing – Planning A Trip

If you’re a person who travels, you’ve likely observed a difference in the public and private restrooms. European toilets are bigger in comparison to American ones. They differ in size and flushing power. Also, the terms used are distinctive and in Europe, the word “toilet” is close to the word “bathroom” within American terms because it is used to describe the whole space. Understanding the distinctions of American as well as European toilets could be useful in planning for your international trip and avoid any confusion.

The National Pipe Standard in the United States specifies how plumbing pipes must be threaded. NP calls for a 60deg thread angle as well as a sharp profile. When threading the old British plumbing it is recommended that the British Pipe standard will be used. BSP requires a rounded profile and an angle of threading that is 55 degrees. BSP features a diameter that differs from NP for most trade sizes. In addition, the thread pitches or lengths per unit may differ. British plumbing, which is older follows the international standard which uses the metric system. 2iz7j65rmq.

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