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e than their noise that could also be very disturbing. They could cause serious health hazards if you don’t have a bat-control.

How can you keep this from taking place? Below are some bat control suggestions.

1. Walls Need to be Repaired
Bats are most likely to enter homes through gaps and openings in wall, doors, windows and other types of entrance points. You should inspect all areas of your house for any holes and gapping, and also your roof.

2. Fill in the Gaps
If you discover gaps or entry, and exit points that bats are using, make use of a sealant and netting material to seal them.

3. Use Floodlight
Since bats love it for dark and quiet places A floodlight that can directly illuminate the space would stop them from going.

4. Mothballs can be a fantastic alternative
Mothballs’ pungent smell can act as an effective bat repellent. They can be placed around the nesting areas of moths eating insects in order to repel these insects.

5. Make Cinnamon Toast
Cinnamon is an excellent bat-control agent. Even though bats don’t like its scent, it’s appropriate to use it. g3iatrvqn5.

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