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Our Latest Boring Tools are Accurate, Cost Effective, and Made in the US

Boring inserts

Boring a hole is something found in nature over and over again. Insects are known to bore many holes into trees, and many mammals, such as chipmunks and rabbits, bore burrows into the ground. Boring by humans is just an extension of their nature, and we make tools to satisfy that need. The boring tools that we make here in the U.S. are sound and reliable, and able to refine bores already made.

Our company specializes in boring tools for backboring. Backboring is when a tool reaches through an existing hole and then bores it on the back side of the workpiece, relative to the headstock. Thanks to our new grades of boring inserts, made of carbide and ceramic, we have increased accuracy and surface quality, and therefore the range of workpiece hardness. Additionally, our boring tools achieve a surface finish, or roughness, ranges from only 8 to 250 microinches, but is typically between 32 and 125 microinches.

Most importantly, our boring tools will save your company money. Accurate and cost effective, our boring tools provide a 0.002mm adjustment precision for a variety of bores, along with an advanced adjustable twin bore roughing systems. Such accuracy from our boring heads provide for reduced inventory and stock, lowering your carrying costs. Our new ISO and ANSI boring inserts reduce production costs, and lower them relative to our competitors.

Best of all, all of our boring tools are made in the U.S. with pride. In May 2011, we expanded our manufacturing capacity in the U.S. for the 22nd month in a row, even as many other manufacturers were leaving. The fact that we can make our boring tools in the U.S. is a testament to the productivity of our Americans workers, and we are forever grateful to them.

Boring holes is essential to American craftsmanship. Our boring tools not only provide a high degree of accuracy, but also increase productivity while reducing waste. The fact that we make them here in the U.S. fills us with pride. When you start using our boring tools, we are sure you will agree.

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