Is Home Heating Oil Better Than Gas? The Experts Weigh In – Home Improvement Videos

About 5.5 million households in the United States are using heating oil. This is for a good reasons. It’s much more secure than gasoline, as it is ignited by a sophisticated burning process inside a boiler or furnace. Carbon monoxide poisoning is unlikely , due to the indicators that a malfunctioning heating system may cause, including smoke and odors before it emits carbon monoxide.

The heating oil industry is delighted to share a new and exciting information with the world: heating oil is considerably more green than gasoline. Heating oil is a source of almost no emissions, which leads to the decrease of emissions overall by 95% in a study conducted by the National Oil Heat Research Alliance (NORA).

Prices from the past 3 decades show that, depending on where you live the cost of heating oil were cheaper than gas. The conversion from heating oil systems to gas-powered systems can be expensive. It is therefore more economical to choose a home heating oil heating system.

Are you interested in knowing more about the difference between heating oil and gas? This video provides what you’re looking for. nl4qiew8fq.

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