How Venous Disease Can Impact Your Health – How To Stay Fit

Ases, or conditions affecting veins, are more common than you would think. Actually, about one-third of all adults experience one form or another of venous diseases.

Varicose veins are an extremely common disease. It is the result of blood pooling in the legs because of weak valves. In contrast to arteries, which blood flow is powered by the heart, the principal motor that propels blood through veins comes from the calf muscle. This means that if you lay down or rest for prolonged duration, you put yourself at risk of having varicose veins.

When the pressure continues to build in your veins, it will eventually be transferred onto your skin, causing the skin to degrade. It can cause a condition known as Venous ulcers. In contrast to other types of ulcers they are extremely challenging to cure.

There are some people who are at higher risk for developing varicose veins than others. They tend to run in families , and can be passed down genetically. In addition, those in occupations that require large amounts of standing can suffer varicose veins more commonly.

The condition can be treated. The best way to keep signs from becoming apparent is to work out, walk in a circular fashion, or apply compression therapy using compression hosiery. Patients suffering from more severe varicose could require a visit to the doctor. 5a8ugtol76.

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