How Pizza in Rochester Differs from Other Regions

Rochester ny pizza

Is Rochester NY pizza what is for dinner tonight? Are you a pizza junkie? If so, you may want to know that there truly is something special about Rochester NY pizza. Far from being a version of the well known pizza pie, Rochester NY pizza is its own distinct brand, and holds its own against pizzas everywhere else.

Rochester NY pizza, like other pizzas, derived from Naples, Italy. The pizza pie was invented sometime around the 1860s, and while legends vary about its invention, it was known as a tasty treat. The classic, the Margherita, had a semolina flour pie crust, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and basil.

When pizza first came to the U.S. around 1900, its popularity soared when it was sold by the slice. Imitating the thin pie crust of Naples, the pie crust became progressively thicker as it moved west. In Chicago, the pie crust was deep, and the accompaniments were buried beneath the tomato sauce.

Rochester NY pizza stands somewhere in the middle. Made often with semolina flour, Rochester pizza is a bit thicker than its New York counterpart, and has slightly more sauce. Rochester NY pizza is often served with chicken wings and blue cheese, a dish native to nearby Buffalo.

Unlike many cities, Rochester NY pizza chains are largely independent and family owned. They have largely resisted the encroachment of pizza chains because the style is so distinctive. As such, it reinforces how much Rochestarians love their pizza.

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Rochester NY pizza is as distinctive as they come. Owned mostly by smaller and family outfits, Rochester pizzerias maintain an important tradition in the community. To learn more, subscribe to a pizza blog, and see what they are writing today.

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