How Much Car Insurance Do You Really Need – Insurance Research Info

In this video, the man is discussing liability. It’s also one of the cheapest elements of an insurance plan. He suggests people get 500/300 and 500/250 policies. Liability is among the top options in car insurance policies. As a person grows wealthier the more sense to have an umbrella policy as well. An extra million dollars can be added by an umbrella policy costing a small amount of money per annual basis in many cases.

The speaker also discusses how to deal with captive and independent agents when purchasing insurance policies. Employees of the same company are referred to as captive agents. This could include State Farm or Nationwide, and can only offer insurance policies for the particular firm. Independent insurance brokers can offer numerous policies to many businesses. It is recommended to go with an independent insurance broker to ensure prices on the most cost-effective products and services. Independent agents can be expected to give more options than the captive agent, which can lead to a great deal to the customer. 83ca5fv7uo.

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