Honda Accord Vs. Honda Civic – Car Talk Credits

If you’re looking to purchase the latest Honda when it comes to buying a new Honda, you may have a myriad of situations. Perhaps you’re in the dealer and looking for your perfect match, or maybe the repair shop for your Honda made you believe there’s a need for an upgrade. Where do you even start when picking out a new automobile? What are the most important things to be asking prior to committing to a major decision? This video will help you understand the differences and similarities of two popular Honda models: the Civic, and the Accord.

The most current Honda Accords cost more than the Civics. The Civic although smaller and mid-sizedis attractive to new owners or students. It’s available in a model that’s a hatchback, or a sedan. All models have a selection of safety options including touch screen displays and sound systems with eight speakers. Each car comes with a variety of advantages which is why you must go to your local dealership for a trial drive.


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