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Part 2 will cover priming and caulking. He will go through all the tools you will need. It isn’t necessary to have a lot yet it’s essential to have everything you need. There is a need for a caulking gun and caulking as well as ladders, to begin. It is important to clean the exterior of your residence before beginning painting. It is vital to have a sander for ensuring that the paint flows effortlessly. Any existing paint will have to be taken off. Painting exteriors requires a lot preparation. If you are using caulking be sure that you’re wearing gloves. The scraper, the two-edged knife and a flat version are the best alternatives. The tools featured in the video are listed in his video’s description. There are a couple of caulking guns that he employs. Dripless is one brand. Caulking is an important part of exterior painting preparation. Make use of a stirstick for mixing the primer paint. Sometimes , siding appears like wood even though it’s not. It’s important to know the material of the primer prior to purchasing it. ecyb77scmu.

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