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It is not necessary to pay any more not unless you’ve made arrangements to settle your downpayment by installments.

The company could charge additional interest for the completion of the deal under this circumstance. Collateral is an additional part of the process and does have no bearing on the final sum to be paid. This is an additional insurance that the company can request if they have indication that a problem could arise with the jailed individual who shows up to the court. But, you’ll get your collateral back approximately 30 days after that person has completed their hearing.

Different Bond Types

It is important to be aware of different types of bonds for criminals. They can be easily classified according to the type of crime and the amount you pay for the bond. Here are a few examples of various bail bonds might be required.

Assault Bail Bonds

An assault bail bond can be the type of bond that must be paid in the event of an alleged crime involving an assault. An assault could be classified as a misdemeanor or even a crime, including physical contact or threatening words.

Federal Bail Bonds

Federal bail bonds provide guarantee that is required for federal crimes. Federal crimes are some of the most grave of the crimes among their kind, and encompass criminal offenses including kidnapping and drug trafficking, tax violations and other similar crimes.

Bail Bonds for Immigration

Some crimes involving immigration require bail because of the risk of the individual running from the charges. They could also be called bail for immigrants instead of normal criminal bonds in that case.

Cash bonds

Cash bonds are when a defendant or interested individual visits the jail, and pays cash for the individual’s release. This kind of bond does not require collateral , or the need for a loan. A person simply pays cash and is released from the center upon the completion of the bail collection.

The release on Citation

Police officers are usually associated with the release of an citation.


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