Dog Grass is a Great Way to Protect Your Lawn From Your Pooch – Dog Health Issues


Your grass could be affected by urine as well as dying. It is possible to create an area for your dog’s bathroom within your yard.

The trick is swapping out grass for something that can cope with the urine of dogs. Wood mulch is a good option that can absorb urine and various other smells. However, wood mulch will have a strong smell after time.

It is also possible to use rubber mulch, which won’t absorb the urine or its smell. The mulch could be blown away by strong winds However, it’s lightweight. Another alternative is synthetic grass that will easily stand up to dog urine. But, the synthetic grass patch will stick out a lot in comparison to regular grass, particularly in winter.

Pea gravel might be the most effective dog grass. Pea gravel does not soak up the urine and instead let it soak into the soil. It’s why smells usually do not linger. Pea gravel also lasts over a long period of time, it’s easily laid down and is unlikely to be removed.

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