Do You Know the Basics Behind Auto Body Work – Custom Wheels Direct

Auto Body Training Solutions provides mobile training for auto mechanics. Below is an illustration of a typical session.
In this clip, one of the best auto body mechanics that have over 40 years in the industry describes the way to treat dents in sheet metal, and how the process of the process of hardening can differ from location to the position. The details are presented in a clear and easy to understand format. an experienced expert that uses examples from real life for conveying the proper treatment of various dents to the sheet metal.
This informative video is provided from Auto Body Training Solutions. There’s a lot you can learn from years being in the business including how to handle certain types of old-fashioned repairs. Anyone in the auto body industry would enjoy watching this short video and learning some helpful tips and tricks to making use of sheet metal to harden. slbjetfdds.

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