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Restore Your Stained Glass

This is yet another item to include in your home’s DIY guide. Restoration of stained glass is an easy DIY project you can tackle at home. Though it may seem daunting, with a little patience and attention to details, stained glass restoration can be enjoyable and rewarding.

In the beginning of your stained glass restoration project, there are some things that you must keep in mind. It is essential to see the end result clear. Additionally, you must make sure you have the correct materials and tools in the right place, as well as working space that is organized and well lit.

When you think of these points, the first step in every restoration or restoration project is to determine the quality of the glass. The glass will need to repair glass that has been broken or chipped. If the lead holding the glass is damaged, it will have to be fixed or replaced. After you’ve assessed the damage it’s the right time to cleanse the glass.

The glass can be cleaned with a myriad of methods. However, it is best to mix vinegar and water. It will get rid of all dirt and grime that has accumulated throughout the years. Now is the time to fix any damages.

If the glass is cracked or chipped, it’s likely to require replacing. Lead comes can be used to fix the damage. Lead came is available in pieces that are made to conform to the damaged area. Once the glass is installed, you can solder it in place with the lead-free solder.

If the lead holding the glass to its place has become damaged, it will need to be repaired or replaced. To attach the new leads, you can employ a the lead-free solder. Another alternative is copper foil tape. It is wrapped around the edges of the lead that has been damaged and soldered to it.

When all the damage is completed,


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