Dangerous Tornado Rips House Apart – Entertainment Videos


These are serious and dangerous. They should never be overlooked. In only a few minutes, they can torment trees and houses. Stronger tornadoes can also create damage to roofs as well as windows. The roof will need replacement or repair. The worst part is that the storms are unpredictable, changing directions without a second’s notification. Many experienced storm chasers can be taken aback from time to time. In this clip you’ll see storm chasers being up-close and personal with an approaching tornado. Then, it goes on to consume a house in the vicinity.

Many storm chasers were too very close to the tornado and they had to adjust their locations. The storm was coming too close. This was not the only problem. There were a myriad of other issues that could have arisen out of the clouds. When a supercell storm is occurring, satellite tornadoes may spawn off of the main tornado. Storm chasers may be lost in the tornado , and then miss satellite tornadoes. These satellite tornadoes could pose an imminent threat. One of the satellite tornadoes passed right by the chasers on the road in front of them. They were in a ring. These storm chasers, who were extremely experienced with tornadoes, were able stay out of from danger. From a safe vantage point, they were finally able to get some video of the tornado ripping up all of the house.


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