Completely Rebuilding a Dodge Viper From Scratch – DIY Home Decor Ideas


The frame was damaged by several suspension parts to the passenger’s side. The creator of the video went ahead and bought a fresh frame at Dodge because it was the preferred method for fixing frame damages. The video shows him working through the entire car, taking apart each piece by for himself. The video shows him stripping everything back to the basic frame and then rebuilding the entire thing. The Viper was sporting a red exterior at the time he began his project. He finished the project with the Viper sporting a beautiful white-colored exterior.

The mirrors and the roof are the final components to go. This portion of the job didn’t require too many tools. He only used three to four tools in this phase. Following the mirrors and the roof consisted of disassembling the seat and taking everything else out of the vehicle.

This whole endeavor appears to be extremely entertaining, and viewers could take a great lesson from this particular. All enthusiasts should consider picking the salvage Viper for sale. It is thrilling to build and modify the car in this way.

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