Breaking Down a DAF System – Dt W News

types of DAF different types of DAF. Despite the fact that they use the same DAF system There are some slight differences between them.

The DAF process begins in the flotation tank, which can be divided into two separate sections. The first section is that the flocculants will be added to capture the contaminant particles. The area is often referred to as the reaction area. The other section is known as the separation zone where bubbles are inserted. They should be small in order to form an agglomeration.

Bubbles are formed by disolving air in a saturated when under pressure. Once the bubbles have bonded, absorb, and the movement towards zones of separation bubbles touch the contaminants. The bubbles expand to the surface of the tank, which allows for the removal of layers of dirt. The treated water is eliminated from the tank’s bottom. The water could undergo further treatment as it is required.

DAF is a treatment which is able to treat wastewater as well as raw water with the addition of grease, oil and algae particles. It’s extremely useful when water does not settle due to the process of sedimentation.


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