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t-family:Arial,sans-serif”>You can cool the bedding before sleeping using the fridge. To cool your pillowcase before going to bed put it in the fridge. You can chill socks using the refrigerator.

The cooling effect of your body’s temperature can aid in sleeping at a good temperature. Medical professionals advise drinking regular cold water during the hot seasons. To ensure safe drinking water, you can install an entire-house water purifier. In the event of leaks in the water supply to your home then you should use drain cleaning products to clear the blockage of pipes or sinks.

9. Setting the Body Temperature

By putting your wrists in the running water and taking your feet to bathe in cold water prior to going to bed it will help regulate your body’s temperature. By doing this, you’ll decrease your body temperature.

Other ways of controlling body temperature can include:

Foods that are plentiful and with lots of water. Drinking coconut water , drinking buttermilk drinking tea

These remedies can cool you off.


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